New Release: Four Letter Word by J Daniels. 

Fate. Hate. Love. Lies.
Which four letter word will change their lives forever?

Four Letter Word by J. Daniels is NOW AVAILABLE!

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Sydney Paige was never so mortified to hear the words “wrong number” in her life. She meant to tell off the guy who broke her best friend’s heart, but unleashed her anger on a perfect stranger instead. And now her world is turned upside down by the captivating man who wants to keep her on the line.

Brian Savage is living a life he’s quickly come to hate-until Sydney’s wild rant has him hooked and hungry for more. Soon the sexy woman on the phone becomes the lover in his bed. But Brian has secrets, and the closer he lets Syd get, the harder it is to shield her from the devastating mistakes of his past . . .

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To say I was looking forward to a new J Daniels book is an understatement.  I had faith that I would enjoy Four Letter Word just as much as I did other books of hers. What I didn’t expect was for this book to grab me and whisk me off on such an incredible journey. I didn’t expect to fall so deeply in love with these characters. J has always been genius at writing wonderfully strong female characters, but Sydney is easily my new favourite. She is so vibrant. Every single emotion and facet of her personality felt so real to me. I loved how honest she was. She is the kind of character you wish you could hang out with.

Now, Brian. oh man. I ached for this poor guy. My heart hurt for him.  The amount of times I wanted to reach into the page and hold him was unreal. There may have been times I wanted to shake him too though! 

Brian & Syd together are just electric! I’m not sure I’ve ever rooted for a fictional couple as hard as I did these two. Putting the book down for any length of time was simply not an option. 

We were silent for minutes but it was strange. I said so much and heard him so loudly, the words that made up his heartbeat and mine, it became my favorite conversation.

Overall this is a beautiful story about learning to pick yourself up and start over when life has kicked you in the balls. This is as equally moving as it is hot. Throw in a healthy dose of humor and supporting characters that you will be desperate to read more of,  and you have yourself one of my favourite reads this year.  

It was so obvious, but denial can fool you. Hope can fool you, too. I knew what I wanted to believe, and that was the only thing I allowed myself to focus on.

J Daniels has outdone herself with this work. Not only is the story original and fresh feeling, but the writing is beautiful.  The picture she paints with her words here is indescribable.  I felt like I could shut my eyes and feel the sand of Dogwood Beach between my toes. Easily the best book she has released to date. 


J. Daniels is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Sweet Addiction series, the Alabama Summer series, and the upcoming Dirty Deeds series.

She would rather bake than cook, she listens to music entirely too loud, and loves writing stories her children will never read. Her husband and children are her greatest loves, with cupcakes coming in at a close second.

J grew up in Baltimore and resides in Maryland with her family.

Stalk Her: Facebook | Twitter | Website |  Goodreads


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