To celebrate Emmbooks turning one year old, I have been giving stuff away all month. The final giveaway is for everything you see in the picture below. 

•A SIGNED paperback set of the This Man Trilogy by the amazing Jodi Ellen Malpas. 

•Signed Tote filled with swag from some of my favourite people. 
To enter follow the instructions on the facebook page here: 

Good Luck! 


94 thoughts on “•Giveaway•

  1. Great giveaway. I’m a huge fan and would love to receive the signed copies! My sister could keep my copies then!


  2. Thank you for everything you’re doing for us! Congratulations on your anniversary and I can’t wait to see your future recommendations! I entered your magnificent giveaway days ago but I wasn’t sure I commented here. I LOOOVE THE LORD OF THE MANOR. JESSE WARD PUT ME IN CLOUD NINE!!! Thank you for this amazing chance. If I am the super lucky reader, I’ll cherish them and worship these beauties!


  3. This Man is still my favorite book series, I’m a big dirty book nerd so that should say a lot. Jesse Ward is my #1 BBF of all time. This Man gift is so freaking awesome!


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