Excerpt Reveal: Through Her Eyes. Ava Harrison.


After a frigid shower to wash away my dirty thoughts, I enter the galley to grab a
snack. As I lean into the fridge, two strong hands wrap around my middle. A
squeak escapes me as Chase lifts me into his arms and sits me on the counter.
“You okay, Princess?” He grins mischievously at me.
“I’m perfect,” I allow my fingers to trail down his chest. “There is one
problem I might need your help with.” I continue to run my hands down the V of
his torso, dipping inside the waistband of his jeans.
“And what’s that?” His voice is husky.
I lean into him, place my lips on his, and bite down softly. His mouth parts,
and I become ravenous. I’m on edge from the delicious torture of delayed
“Luciano?” I moan into his mouth.
“Don’t worry,” he mumbles between kisses. “He won’t return until tonight.”
“When did you tell him to stay away?”
“When you were showering. I knew I couldn’t resist you for long.”
“Just wanted to torture me a little?” Slowly he pushes my panties down my
thighs and I push forward toward his hand. Tilting my hips up to meet the warmth
of his caress. I’m silently begging, pleading with my body for him to touch me.
Soft fingers tease my sensitive skin. They dip inside me and then find the
wonderfully sensitive spot buried deep within. My body starts to quiver as he
pushes upward with his fingers massaging me, bringing me so close I’m teetering
on the brink of eruption but just as I’m about to explode he pulls back leaving me
vacant and greedy for more. Reaching into his jean pocket he grabs a condom then
rips it open before he aligns himself against my core.
Our bodies slowly come together and his lips press firmly into mine. His
grip tightens around me as his control wavers. He’s holding back. Letting me
adjust to him. I push forward, taking him deeper, and again our bodies meet as he
enters me fully. I exhale, relaxing into him, letting him claim me completely. He
thrusts in and out, each stroke lighting a fire. The bond between us grows with
each move he makes. My heartbeat pounds as he throbs within me. The surge of
release tingling as a shiver claims my whole body until I soar higher than I ever
thought possible.


Meet Chase Porter in Through Her Eyes on March 20th!
Add to your TBR at: http://bit.ly/20EZ1XP


One phone call changed me.
Three simple words and I was shattered.
So I started over.
And my journey of rediscovery led me straight into his arms.
Chase Porter.
The stranger who showed me life from a different perspective.
But we both had secrets…
His would destroy my world.



Ava Harrison is a New Yorker, born and bred.
When she’s not journaling her life, you can find her window shopping, cooking
dinner for her family, or curled up on her couch reading a book.
Facebook Page | Pinterest | Perfectly Flawed Support Group on Facebook.


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