Cover Reveal! Broken By Desire, Dani Renè


Author Name: Dani René

Book Name: Broken by Desire

Release Date: February 29, 2016



Secrets will destroy any chance at happiness.

Especially when they don’t want to stay in the past.

Cassandra Winters, torn, broken, and in need of change. At 27 she’s overcome a traumatic experience that left her debilitated for two years. An opportunity presents itself that will allow her a second chance.
This sees her moving to the City of Angels. When Cassie arrives she is met with the amazing sights of Hollywood and all that Los Angeles has to offer.

When a handsome green-eyed stranger elicit’s feelings from Cassie she buried long ago, she is overwhelmed. Finding herself in something deeper than she could ever imagine possible.
As long as her dark secrets aren’t revealed, she will have a chance to move on.

Lucien Verán, rich, sexy, and domineering. This 30yr old playboy wants nothing more than a good hard fuck. A one-night stand. He has everything money could possibly afford him.
There isn’t time for love in his life. His heart is locked away. Nobody can come close to him again.
Never again.

Until he comes face to face with a pair of chocolate-brown eyes that will have him questioning his life, his heart and his mind. But he has demons, that follow him everywhere he goes.
His past is as dangerous as his broken soul, nothing can bring light into his darkness.
Or can it?

Will her secrets destroy their chance at happiness?

Or will his demons threaten everything they worked so hard to overcome?


Pages or Words: 150,000 words

Categories: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, BDSM

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Broken by Desire



I hugged Kenna at the airport and boarded my flight. She would join me in a few weeks, but it was never fun saying goodbye to your best friend. She would stay in New York while I found my way around LA. My decision to leave came after I got the call for an interview, with one of the most renowned magazine publishers in Los Angeles.

Luckily, I had a window seat, so I could watch the clouds move as I made my way to my new city. I have only ever spent holidays on the West Coast and now I would be living there. The excitement was taking over and I couldn’t concentrate on the in-flight movie.

Once I landed, I would be busy. From furnishing my new apartment to finding an outfit for my interview, which would be in a week’s time. The flight wasn’t long, but I closed my eyes and let my mind drift into a dreamless sleep.

Walking into my new home was surreal. My dream of packing up and moving to California has finally come true. I had chosen to rent close to the offices that I would hopefully work in. Beachwood Canyon is iconic, I think the whole of Los Angeles is, but that’s my opinion. As I walked through my one-bedroom apartment; I smiled, it was perfect. I loved the split-level layout and hardwood floors. Opening the sliding glass door, I looked over my private patio. That was the main reason I chose this one. The privacy it afforded me, is something I needed.

Before I unpacked, I needed to call Kenna. She was as excited as I was. We used to talk about living together in LA and making a name for ourselves. For us, it’s been one of those magical cities, the one where your wildest dreams could come true. So it would make sense to be here, The City of Angels.

I woke up early Friday morning and decided to go for a run. I had only been in LA for 2 days and I wanted to explore. My interview was next week so I had time to get used to the area and my new neighborhood. It was easy to navigate and I found a coffee shop that would soon become my refuge. I walked in after my run and decided to try it out. Ordering a coffee, I took a seat at the table in the back. Watching the people come and go.

He caught my attention the moment he walked in through the door. Holding my breath, I watched him. His face was almost angelic. I say almost because there was something in his eyes, something darker. No man that beautiful could be good news. He ordered his drink and I watched him move through the crowd. He took a seat at a table close to the window, not far from mine. He was magnetic. I licked my lips as I watched the sweat run down his perfectly sculpted bicep. His arms were works of art, I tried to see the tattoos, but he was too far away. It took a lot of effort to look away and even then, I could see him in my mind. It was like there was a magnetic pull I felt towards him.

I left New York to start fresh and a romance is definitely not what I needed. That didn’t mean I couldn’t drink him in with my eyes. He was definitely drinkable. I took in every inch of him. He was too perfect. There had to be something else wrong with him, mustn’t there? Maybe he was married. Yes, he must be. I shook my head and made my way through the shop. As I passed his table, his scent hit me like a freight train. It was intoxicating, a mix of spice and sweat.

I ran home trying to clear my head, but it didn’t work, as soon as I closed my eyes that night he was there. Those piercing green eyes. That spikey brown hair and those amazing lips. I dreamt about him that night.

I wasn’t looking for anything remotely romantic in my life. After the tragedy that struck me, there was no room for anything like that in my heart. My life was about my career. I needed to heal the pain in my heart. Kenna would disagree. She told me every day that I had the two years to recover. Although losing everyone close to you in the way I did is not something you just get over.

Of course, she was the only one who knew the whole story. She knew why I was so torn, broken. It was more than just losing someone you loved. There was so much more hanging on me, my decisions that night. I know it will haunt me forever. I doubt anyone would want someone like me. I mean, my demons are ugly bastards. I did this, it was all my fault.

Somehow, though, when I looked into those smoldering green eyes, it stilled my mind. He made me see past the demons in my own heart. Calm down Cassie, you don’t even know him. Deep down, I wanted to know him. Even though I didn’t want a relationship, I still found myself at the coffee shop every day. Just to look into those piercing green eyes. To still myself, my mind and to see the beauty that lies inside him.


Running every morning gives my mind a break from the everyday mind-numbing business meetings. I got into this business to publish, not to sit in stuffy board meetings. Although, I know I have to. Taking over the business from my father is what I was meant to do. My life is perfect, I have a penthouse apartment, nice cars and a little black book of every hot model in LA.

Some call me the ultimate playboy, I call myself lucky. Love isn’t something I want or need. So, I have fun. Being young and single allows me the freedom to fuck any girl who wants it and let us be honest, they all do. Since I turned sixteen, every girl I came across wanted in my pants. If it wasn’t my money they were after, I would have probably settled down. Actually… Who am I kidding? Settling down wasn’t in my vocabulary. After what happened with my ex, those words were blasphemy.

As soon as I reached the door of the coffee shop, I stepped inside and take in the early morning queue and the intoxicating smell of roasted coffee. The best smell ever. I order my usual and make my way up to the table. Glancing up, my breath stops and my cock twitches. She’s fucking beautiful. Taking in her appearance, the first thing I look for is a ring. None that I can see. Which means she’s single, perfect.

Sipping my coffee, I find myself wondering why she’s sitting alone. I have never seen her here before and I wonder if she just moved here or if she’s one of those girls that knows where I hang out and now she’s waiting for an open. When her gaze falls on me, there isn’t a hint of recognition. Maybe I was wrong.

Her brown curls are tied back, but there are a few that have escaped the clip and frame her beautiful face. Those mocha eyes seem to pierce through me. I imagine her looking up at me with those soft lips wrapped around my cock. Fuck. Her hands tremble around the mug of coffee and I know that’s due to my intense gaze on her. I am confident about that.

Play it cool. She would look so good bound to my bed. Moaning with pleasure as I taste her. I bet she tastes like fucking honey. Taking another sip of coffee, I pull out my phone. With the steel erection in my sweats, I think I need to get out tonight, I message Jayce. This girl needs time. She’s timid and nervous, just how I like them. I need to take my time with her. Then and there I decide I want her, but I am going to do this my way. Is there any other way?

I can see she’s going to play right into my hands. When she rises from her chair, I watch her. The way her lithe body moves, to that tiny tank top that’s hugging her torso. Her ass is tight and I imagine marking it with my hand. I know there’s a tent in my sweats, but I don’t care right now. The only thought I have is taking her and making her scream my fucking name. Her under me, my cock buried in that tiny little cunt. Yes, that’s exactly what I want, and I always get what I want.

As soon as I walk into the office and hour later, my new assistant is at my heels. She’s fucking annoying, but insanely good. Once I am at my desk, seated, she starts rambling off about the meetings I have set up for today. “Stacy. Just bring me a coffee. I need a moment.” Her tirade of words stops dead and she nods. She spins on her heel and leaves me to my thoughts.

I close my eyes and sit back. The thought of the mysterious girl from the coffee shop has been invading my thoughts all morning. My shower was one of the best I had in a long time. When I open my eyes, I turn to face the city, the view from my office was incredible, but nothing could top those mocha eyes that seemed to stare a hole inside me this morning. “Sir?” I glance up and nod. Stacy places my coffee on the desk and takes a seat in one of the black leather wingback chairs opposite my desk. “There’s a marketing meeting in thirty minutes, I have all the documents you need. Then you have the four-hour board meeting and your father will be here as well.” I nod. “And then there’s the interview on Monday with the new candidates for the publishing assistant. Victoria will head it up, but you should be there.”

“Why?” I sit back. She looks dumbfounded that I should even ask her something like that. I don’t see why I have to sit in an interview when I know Victoria can handle it.

“Well, sir, I mean—”

“Victoria can handle it,” I say dismissively. “Call Jayce, tell him to be in that marketing meeting.” I grab my coffee and take a long sip. Grabbing the paperwork, I rise and Stacy follows me.

“Meeting room four sir,” she tells me as I make my way out of the office, turning left, walking down the hallway. As soon as I’m seated, the thoughts of her invade my mind again. Fuck this. I need to find her. I need to make her pussy come all over me. Fuck her out of my system, because that’s all that it will ever be.

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Pre-order available from 1 February 2016
Release Date 29 February 2016


Meet the author:

Dani René is a freelance graphic designer and newly published author. She started writing in January 2015 and after a few fan fiction stories decided that her first novel Ace of Harts needed to be published. If you can’t find her sat behind her MacBook writing, she is probably drinking coffee at a little coffee shop in her home city of Cape Town. She spends most of her time reading, watching TV series, listening to music, at the beach or planning her next tattoo.


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Twitter:  (@danireneauthor)



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Publisher: Self Published

Cover Artist: Dani René


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