New Release: Stay With Me Forever, Whitney D.


Release Date: January 18th 2016

WARNING: THIS IS AN EROTIC NOVEL. This book contains graphic sexual language and explicit sex scenes. Intended for mature audiences ONLY.

Bellamy and Turner’s secret was much worse than Kate had ever imagined. When Kate wakes up, she is thrown into a world that she wants nothing to do with.

Kate and Bellamy’s relationship is put to the test when they have a huge fight and she calls things off between them. Meanwhile, Turner is left alone with Kate for a few days when Bellamy has to leave to take care of an issue that arises. It becomes apparent to Kate that panty melting sweet talkers run in the Drake family and Turner has had his eye on Kate all along.

Will Kate give Turner a chance? Will Turner’s advances towards Kate destroy his relationship with Bellamy? Who will ultimately win Kate’s heart in the end?

Stay With Me Forever is the final installment of The Drake brothers series.


So, after that cliffhanger ending in book,   I was ridiculously excited to get an ARC of Stay With Me Forever.  The minute it hit my kindle I was parking my arse on the sofa and I literally didn’t move until it was done. This book is INSANE. Absolutely gut wrenching, hand over the mouth, kick you in the gut insane.

It’s more than an Erotic novel.  It’s actually got a storyline. In fact that doesn’t do it justice. It’s got an EPIC storyline. Whitney takes the story to places I didn’t expect. I need people to read this quickly so I can finally share my shock, heartbreak and joy (and every other emotion under the sun!),  having to keep this storyline a secret has been sooo hard!.


You’ll already know from Stay With Me Tonight that Whitney can write a smoking hot sex scene, but she manages to out do herself here. Reading and reviewing romance and erotica, it’s not often a sex scene brings anything new. Well Whitney certainly had my attention here! This book comes with a warning for a reason!

If you’re looking for a hot read that has more than just sex scene after sex scene then I can’t recommend this series enough.  Just don’t blame me when you’re screaming at your kindle while reading! 



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