Review: Life Interrupted, Yessi Smith.


Release Date: January 14th 2015


I am a blank canvas that even the artist in me doesn’t know how to fill. My life started the day I escaped and woke up in the hospital.

Escaped from reality. Escaped from fear. Escaped from him.

Nothing exists before that, and as the days trickle by, I’m positive there’s nothing after that either.

I try though. For Poppa, who hasn’t left my side since I woke up, I try to live.

But every attempt is futile. So I escape again and start fresh on a small island, where there aren’t any expectations to fulfill. Where family and friends I don’t remember can’t look at me with sadness and disappointment.

And when Travis Keillar comes into my life everything changes. The memories I’ve lost become unimportant to the memories I’m creating with him. For the first time since I opened my eyes that fateful day in the hospital, life smiles back at me.

Until it doesn’t.

Until he comes back for me.
For revenge of crimes I don’t remember committing.




Now its pretty obvious to anyone that looks at my blog or social media posts that I tend to stick to reading romance books, occasionally I’ll switch it up and go for a crime, thriller or horror book. The cover for Life Interrupted appealed to the darker side of me. The blurb piqued my interest further.

 Holly wakes up battered and broken in hospital. Her instinct says to run. Even from the old man who is next to her bed every time she wakes up.  When Holly learns that man is her grandfather she still doesn’t feel safe.  Holly may have no memory of the man that kidnapped her but she does know one thing. He will not let her go that easily. As she regains her strength Holly also knows that she must be ready for him. He will be back for her, and she will be ready to fight. When it becomes clear her kidnapper is getting ready to come for her,   Holly decides she needs to escape and spend some time working on herself without the pressure of her old life holding her back. She leaves her Poppa and her new friend Derek (a police officer that has helped her learn self defence) and moves to a small remote island. It’s while she is here she meets Travis, A local guy that helps Holly to come to terms with her fears. Will she be strong enough to fight back when the time comes again?

 Writing a review for a book like this is very hard. I have a list of adjectives (eek, hope that’s the right word! Lmao!) that describe how I felt while reading. I felt scared, tense,  sad, hopeful and a mix of all of those at times, but forming sentences with them is proving difficult.

This book is more than just gripping. It starts with a bang and just continues to tighten the grip the whole way through. One of the things that sets this apart from other thrillers is the fact that we know who the kidnapper is. The story is told in duel POV. What keeps you glued to the pages is the way each characters story unfolds. I’ve read loads of stories that have shocked me, but not many where I’ve had to put the kindle down so I can cover my mouth in shock. 

 Another thing that sets the book apart is the way it manages to take what could have easily been a cut and dry kidnap mystery and turned it into a beautiful and emotional story. Not just a love story about Holly and Travis. It’s a story about loss and learning to heal from more than physical wounds.

 Now it’s not unusual for me to cry at a book (its more shocking if I don’t to be honest) But what did shock me here was the parts of the books that got to me. The beautiful writing alongside a storyline that had so many twists and turns took my expectations and flipped them on its head.  The unique take on the story and the flawless writing all create a book that will more than stay with me.

 Cannot recommend this one highly enough.



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