New Release: Still Surviving, Am Johnson.


Still Surviving


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Hate… Anger… Distrust… it fed the animal.
Status… Money… Power it’s all women want.
Never yield… Never give them a piece of who you are.
These were the ideals that Seth Montgomery had lived with since he was a child. After his mother abandoned their family for another man, the same man who took everything from Seth’s father, Seth’s life turned dark. He’d never give a woman all that control. He’d never give them the satisfaction of destroying his heart.
Tiffany Webster had been falling in love with one man for the past three years. Her boss’s best-friend. The day Seth walked into her bar, the day his steel blue eyes met hers, she was hooked. But, Seth Montgomery was unattainable, and only into one night hook-ups with a certain type of girl. A girl Tiffany was not.
Tiffany was the one girl Seth had ever considered breaking his rules for, but

swore he’d never corrupt.
Until one night… when everything fell apart… and hidden truths surfaced.
When your past hurts so much it makes it hard to breathe and your heart ache, what else can you do? What path should you take to feel something, trust someone again?
Two hearts… two souls… align…
One shift… one break… and you’re falling.
Feel this… trust this…Survive this.

**Still Surviving is an Interconnected Standalone in the Forever Still Series. Each book features a different couple.**


I’ve always been vocal with regards to being a big fan of this Author and this series and I’m more than a little sad to say goodbye to these characters. Still Surviving has been more than hotly anticipated by me. Did Am Johnson deliver to expectation? Nope. She took my expectations and threw them out the window. I knew Seth was going to be the book from this series to really play on my heart strings. I knew.  and still I was an emotional wreck through so much of this.

Seth is a beautiful character. So many layers and facets to him. At first Tiff seemed to be a bit more direct and laid it all out to Seth. It’s not until later we learn more about her and her past.


I loved every word of this. Even the words that had me scared and on the edge of my seat. Did I forget to say?, this is not just a romance novel.  It’s suspenseful and a little darker than Still Water.  It kind of heads back to the first book in the series in a way.

The heart of this is a story of two people that recognise each others souls. Despite mistakes made and bad judgement calls they fight a way through to each other.

A seriously beautiful story.



part of what makes this whole series special is the music Amanda has used in all books. Especially this one.  I strongly recommend having a listen to the playlist she has put together.  It’s perfect! 



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