New Release: Taking Mine, Rachel Schneider.


Release Date: December 30th 2015.
Nothing I have ever tried has given me the thrill like taking something that isn’t mine does.”

Lily is eager to make a better life, for not only herself, but for the brother who raised her. When her scholarship is revoked, she resorts to desperate measures to pay for tuition, trying to keep her life on track—the same measures she promised herself she’d never take again—and fears the consequences. Things only get more complicated when a deal is offered that is almost too good to be true.

In walks the distraction: Justin. An annoyingly good-looking guy who pushes her to not give up on her dreams, even when things don’t go as planned. Despite Lily’s best efforts, Justin falls into a world of fast cars, fast money, and fast crooks. 

After all, habits are hard to break. 



If you’re looking for something a little different to your average ‘boy meets girl’ romance, this debut novel is definitely one to check out. First off, this is a debut novel, but you would never think that while reading. Rachel writes with amazing confidence and the story has such a nice flow. None of it feels forced and there is no filler here at all. Its all gripping story line. Lily is a character that you will want as bff. She is self possessed and snarky to boot. Justin is the perfect mix of brooding mystery and sweet alpha that will make you swoon. 

This isn’t just a romance novel. It has plenty of mystery to ensure you won’t be able to put this down. Especially from 50% in where the story really kicks up a gear. I did guess what the twist was but I guarantee this will not spoil the story in any way.  There are still plenty of twists and turns right until the end of the book.

 All in all a fantastic debut and without question I’ll be reading anything else Rachel brings out.





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