2015 In Review

First of all I need to thank every person I’ve been lucky enough to meet since I decided to join the book world this summer. Every person that has commented or liked on an edit I’ve made, Every author that has sent me an ARC or asked me to BETA read. I’ve absolutely loved every minute of it and I cant wait to see what 2016 brings.

Having read approximately 300 books this year, getting that down to a manageable list of favourites has not been easy! The list below is certainly not the only books I’ve enjoyed  these are the ones that spring to mind every time I’m asked for a recommendation.

Debut Authors:

  • Always. Randa Lynn. One of the most beautifully written and swoony romances I’ve read this year.
  • Broken Love. L Harvey. Stunning debut. Like pure poetry
  • Ace of Harts. dani rene. I don’t think a book has ever played with my emotions like this one!
  • The Counting Downers. AJ Compton Another stunning read that was almost poetic. Had me in tears from page one
  • The Big Gamble. M Andrews. One for all the romantics out there!
  • Beautifully Damaged. Gina Sevani. Gorgeous story of a broken girl learning to live despite a horrible experience


Erotic Reads:

  • Mechanic. Alexa Riley. It’s Alexa, need I say more? Pure Alpha filth.
  • Pressure. lillian Bryant. Steamy start to what is guaranteed to be an all time favourite series
  • Stay with me Tonight. Whitney D. Epic story filled with sex and mystery
  • Dirty Billionaire. Meghan March. Filthy mouthed Billionaire alpha male. Everything you want from your erotica
  • Watching Series. Bethany James. A rare find. Filthy erotica with an actual plot!
  • Playing For Keeps. JC Grant. David fucking Taylor can stalk me anyway. Ott insta love at its best
  • Decadence After Dark. M Never. This series will have you questioning you sanity at times! One of the best trilogies ever written


favourite reads:

  • Paper Hearts. Claire Contreras Stunning. Filled with emotions and will have you reaching for the tissues right from the beginning
  • Royal Savage. Victoria Ashley. I’ve been vocal in saying this is one of my all time faves. Just read it. It will not disappoint
  • Soul To Keep. Kennedy Ryan. Another gorgeous read. Sexy musician and a broken girl that doesn’t realise she needs saving. Eagerly anticipating book 2.
  • Havoc. Autumn Grey. Beautiful romance with a twist not many will be expecting
  • Break Even. Lisa De Jong. Amazing story from the Queen of heartbreakingly sad romance. This one will have you gasping in shock rather than crying
  • Addicted To Sin. Monica James. Dr Fucking Sin. Love him or hate him you will not be left bored while reading this insane story
  • More Than Enough. Jay Mclean. Epic ending to an all time favourite series. Dylans story tore my heart out. Just perfection
  • Love Hurts/Love Burns. Mandi Beck. I kinda feel like Mandi stomped into my book life, fucked me up a bit then went on her merry way. Deacon Love has stormed his way to the top of my book husband list. He even makes the laminated version. Love every filthy word this woman writes.
  • Sacrifice. Adriana Locke. It’s impossible not to fall crazy in love with every character Adriana writes. I can find a bit of myself in every story. I’ve only mentioned Sacrifice here but in fact I’ve read every one of her books and can’t recommend her highly enough
  • King/Tyrant. TM Frazier. All I can say is ‘because, Pancakes’ I’m not sure my heart will ever forgive you TM!
  • Be My December/Be My Temptation. Rachel Brookes A rare set of books that takes real, heart wrenching situations and makes a beautiful story from them.
  • Still Water. AM Johnson. Todd Dixon. That’s all I need to say. An insanely good story that I loved every second of.
  • Entwined Hearts Series. Maria Macdonald.This whole series makes my list. Just beautifully written. Lots of love for these characters and this Author
  • The Game Plan. Kristen Callihan
  • Lev. Belle Aurora.I didn’t think Belle Aurora could outdo her Previous Leokov books. This proved me way wrong. Lev is the sexiest, sweetest Leokov to date.
  • Walk through Fire. Kristen AshleyThe Queen of all Alpha males has surpassed herself with this gutwrenching story of second chance love.
  • Tainted Black. Shanora Williams. I’m still waiting for my heart to heal from this. This book had me ugly crying to the max!




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