Review: Decadence After Dark Series. M Never


This edition is a compilation of the first 3 books in the Decadence after dark series.  Book 1,  Owned. Book 2, Claimed and Book 3, Ruined.

The very lovely M.Never gifted me a copy of Owned so that I could review.  Now I wasn’t able to do that. I hadn’t even finished Owned before I was back on Amazon getting the box set.

I think it’s  important to say that I pretty much always avoid BDSM books. Especially ones with an emphasis on master/slave relationships.  That’s part of the reason it’s taken me so long to read these, considering the phenomenal reviews I’ve seen. I’m going to attempt the impossible.  I’m going to review without giving anything major away.

One tip for anyone about to start these books. Get a support group. You will need people to rant to, cry to and laugh with.


The first few chapters are tough going. Ellie is insanely attracted to Kayne. He seems to feel the same. She’s had enough of having to keep her distance from him when he is in her work place. She bites the bullet and asks him out. This sets in place a chain of events that will leave her Owned, Claimed and Ruined.

This is a dark erotic romance. Darker than anything I’ve read. I questioned my sanity more than once while reading this. Could I really accept the things I was reading? The simple answer is, yes. And that is down to M’s writing.  She has taken a twisted tale and turned it to a thing of beauty.  You will feel every bit of pain that Ellie feels. Everything that Kayne says and does will burrow it’s way into your heart and mind. You’ll also feel every single twist and turn through this epic story. Believe me there are plenty of surprises. 

Get ready to read some of the hottest sex scenes ever written.  I will hold my hand up and say I often skip sex scenes. Especially in a trilogy,  it’s easy to get repetitive.  This one keeps getting hotter and hotter.

Without question this has to be one of the best trilogies ever.

This trilogy will grip you. It will twist you in knots.  It will chew your heart up and spit it out.

M. You have brought me over to the dark side!  And I can’t thank you enough.

Now,  where are my kitten ears?



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