Review: First Love. L Harvey


Release Date :TBA

Official Blurb:

Everything has a place and a purpose. If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. Not one thing in my life was left to chance, not one thing was unplanned, except him. Dixon was unruly and spontaneous, making the most rash decisions a welcome anticipation. Whilst I wasted time reading the signs, he lived in an envious daze of excitement creating his own. Now I had to learn how to live without the one thing I always relied on in order to win him back. – Harley

Harley was the love of my life, my first and my only. Some called me whipped, some called me stupid but I called us everything. But Harley left me, she threw me aside as though I was nothing. Just another check on her to-do list. Now she is back and I only have one objective, to ruin her like she so effortlessly ruined me. When the anger finally fades and the lust for something new dies out, I am left with the dreaded realisation that she is irreplaceable. I hate her for that. – Dixon
Some say that your first love is irreplaceable, that it never dies out. Both back in the town they made their vows – will Harley and Dixon find their way back to the people they once were? Or will the pain of rejection tarnish and kill everything they once had. Some love stories are worth the fight.


We first met Harley and Dixon in Broken Love (Illusion book 1) Harley and Dixon are childhood sweethearts that have been together since their teens and their wedding was a big part of book 1. 

Harley is Miss Perfect.  Between issues with her parents and the horrific events that she and her friends witnessed as Children Harley has built a shield around herself. She believes if the world see’s she has a perfect life then it will actually be true.  If she sticks to her plans everything will be ok. All Dixon wants is for them to be happy and for Harley to actually start living.  He is tired of seeing her life run by lists and schedules. When they finally reach a breaking point, arguments and a lack of communication  mean they find themselves apart for the first time since they met. Unable to face being without Dixon, Harley decides to start afresh in New York.

 Fast forward a year and Harley is back in England and is determined to win Dixon back. Will he be able to forgive her for, as he sees it, abandoning their relationship? And even if he does, will they be able to overcome the past that is determined to come back and haunt them?

 Now I’m a huge fan of Broken Love. I loved the author’s style. It’s unlike anything I’ve read in a long time. It’s like a mix of poetry and story telling. I didn’t think it would be possible,  but I loved this book so much more! It’s difficult to articulate well without giving away all of the story, but what Harvey does is paint a vivid picture of two beautiful, yet broken characters. Even with their flaws you can’t help but love them. And unusually for me, love them both. Yes, they make mistakes. Yes, they have issues that they haven’t handled well, but because the writing is so flawless you can’t help but love them even more because of the mistakes. The story will make you laugh, cry and every other emotion in between.  Even more than being a love story there is also enough mystery to keep you on the edge of your seat and trying to guess what’s coming next.

 Having read both Broken Love and now First love, you can clearly see how much Harvey have grown as an author in such a small space of time. In just a few months her writing feels more confident and where Broken Love had the impact of more erotic sex scenes, First love lets the emotions pack a punch rather than  the sex. That being said Dixon is certainly no slack in the bedroom department either. There is more than enough passion in here to you keep you entertained! 

 All in all a fantastic read that has left me desperate to see where the rest of this amazing series is going. 5+ Star read!




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