NEW RELEASE! All That’s Left To Hold Onto. Ella Fox


Blurb:When Ronan Sharpe unexpectedly left Colorado for parts unknown, he took a piece of Keely Carmichael’s heart with him.

After leaving his hellish roots behind him, Ronan found contentment when he started over. Thoughts of the past had been pushed down for so long; he hardly thought about it at all.

He intended to keep it that way.

When unexpected circumstances force Ronan to return to Colorado, the Keely he finds is no longer the adolescent girl he remembered. Torn between desire and fear, Ronan struggles with his feelings for Keely and his need to escape the town that scarred him so deeply years ago.

Letting go is all Ronan’s ever known. Will he realize a life with Keely is something he should hold onto at any cost?


When the opportunity came up to read this as an ARC I jumped at it. Ella Fox has written one of my favourite romance series ever. The Hart family will always be one of my recommended reads. ‘All that’s left to hold onto’ does not disappoint. But this is not your average romance. This is a beautiful story of two people that are left to deal with the consequences of the actions of their family members. There is certainly less sex than in previous Ella Fox books but that doesn’t detract from this being a love story. Rather we get to see a relationship form and grow without outside interruptions as such.  It’s lovely to see a story where there isn’t a nasty ex or cheating to get in the way. A whole host of characters to love and I’m hoping that Canter gets his own story soon! There’s plenty of surprises to keep it interesting.  I didn’t guess the secret behind Ronan leaving town.

All in all a great read that is beautifully written, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from one of my favourite go-to authors. Its the kind of book that’s perfect for curling up on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

The only reason I gave this a 4.5 star rather than a 5 is that I needed a bit more background.  In the beginning it felt like I’d jumped into the second book of a series.

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