Review: Ace Of Harts. Dani René


Release date: TBC

Arc received in exchange for honest review. Please beware, may contain spoilers!


Where on earth do you start with this book?! Ace of Harts drove me insane! This book had me twisted in knots! This is the story of one woman and two brothers. Emily, her boss Triston and his brother Sebastian (Bash). Now, I usually avoid love triangles and I don’t cope well with infidelity both of which are featured here. I have to admit I kind of struggled with liking Emily. I found her indecision so frustrating towards the end. Same with Bash I found I couldn’t like him very much. Triston on the other hand I LOVED. Despite certain events in the book I found I was on his side the whole way through.


Reading that back it sounds like I didn’t like this. In fact I kind of loved it. I couldn’t put it down. Especially from about 70% in. I was gripped. Did the story go exactly the way I wanted it to? Nope. But then where is the fun in that? It’s so well written and you can’t help but feel pulled along with the story. Dani René does what a lot of authors fail to do. She makes you get so caught up in the story you will need to find someone to talk to about it so you can share your anguish! I defy anyone to read this and not feel like throwing something at least once!  The sex scenes between Emily and Triston are insanely sexy! I’m not usually keen on BDSM but this is not in your face, hardcore stuff. This is more of a slow burn kind of thing. Deeply sensual rather than some of the brutal stuff some authors like to write. Triston is so in love with Emily you can feel it coming off the page. The things he does to her are so hot. I will be honest and say I struggled to read the stuff with her and Bash. I must be to much of a traditionalist but I think once a relationship is established between the characters it should stay between them. Temptation is one thing but acting on that is something else entirely.


The only reason I would give this 4 stars is because I struggled with the love triangle. Otherwise the story was paced fantastically well and the characters well developed. As much as this story chewed me up, I’m left wanting more from this author. Fantastic book and definitely a must read!



3 thoughts on “Review: Ace Of Harts. Dani René

  1. I totally agree and felt what you said on your message on insta this morning ” how did i not feel like throwing my kindle” 😂i love this book this woman – Dani Rene is fastly becoming a fave author of mine i hope she gets the recognition she deserves for it 🙂

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