Series review: Entwined Hearts. Maria Macdonald


I’ll start by saying that until I received an ARC for book 3 I hadn’t heard of this Author or this series.  Once I realised it was the final book In the Entwined Hearts series I decided to go back and read from the beginning. 

Book one is Love Reflection.  This is the Story of Pea and Con. Childhood friends turned sweethearts. Pea finds herself at a junction in her life. Stay with Con or take the trip of a lifetime. Just before she is due to make her decision fate steps in and makes it for her.  But the Pea that comes home weeks later isn’t the Pea that left. Years later and Con is still desperate to get her back. His one true love. After a last ditch attempt to get Pea back fails. Con gives up and takes a job overseas. Pea can’t see past her own pain and guilt enough to ask him to stay. What follows is us getting to see Pea come back to life. Tired of being stuck in the past she resolves to start over. With the help of her best friends Sophie and Saul,  she begins to do just that.  She also meets a handsome stranger, Dane. A friend of Soph’s that helps bring the light back to Pea’s dark life. When a brutal attack brings Con back to England will he and Pea be able to finally find away through?  Or will the secrets and lies be more than Con can handle?

A fantastic story that just kept on getting better and better. Every single character in this book will wind their way into your heart. I had to start book 2 immediately! 


Book 2, Love Resisted is the story if Soph and Saul. Part of the same friendship group since forever, these two have a bucket load of secrets that have kept them apart. The sexual chemistry between these is off the charts! It’s gets a bit tough to review without Spoilers so all I will say is be prepared for anything with this book! I had to pick my jaw up off the floor at parts! The set up for the third and final book is perfect! 


The last book in the series (boo!) is Love Renewed (out November 6th)

The story of Nova and Dane. These two broke my heart and mended it again. Repeatedly!  again it’s so difficult to do this book justice without spoiling it! I could just chatter on and on about this story. It literally has it all! Second chance love. Dane and Nova find themselves together after more than 10 years apart.  Except Nova doesn’t remember Dane. Will he be able to win her back when she can’t remember a thing about their past? Not only does Nova have to struggle with memories of her past coming back, but she also has to learn how to deal with her feelings for this Man she feels such a strong connection to. Yet can’t remember.  Dane is everything you want in a book guy. Alpha as all heck, romantic and so full of mystery!  He will make you swoon for sure!

Be warned the epilogue will make you cry! Have your tissues ready!

This series is a debut from Maria Macdonald and what I absolutely loved was seeing her confidence grow with each book. The stories become richer and more involved. The characters development is amazing!  I am super excited to see more from this author! 



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