Review: Watching Bethany James


Do you like to watch?” He whispers this question into my ear as he tugs my thong to the side. I don’t answer him but stay there, in the shadows, and watch the couple in the VIP room. I can’t look away. Watching them is turning me on more than anything ever has before. Do I like to watch?

This is an Erotic Novella and is intended for mature readers.

Wow!  What a book. There is no messing around here. At all.

There isn’t much point in getting to deep into the characters here.  The main thing to know is they meet and the chemistry is off the charts. They waste no time in getting it on. And get it on they do. Joining them on their first date are Jacks friends. Drew and Elle. Celia thinks she has intruded on an intimate moment when she sees them having sex. Little does she know they are exhibitionists.

The sex scenes, which to be honest are a huge chunk of the book, are fantastic.  Well written, hot as F but managing to stay realistic (ish) .  This is something that I feel other Erotic stories often fall short on.

Usually with short Erotic books like this I can take or leave the subsequent parts as they can become repetitive.  This one I’m actually excited to see what comes next!

Definitely one I would recommend!

**Watching is available for free with Kindle Unlimited**



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