Review: The Big Gamble. M Andrews



Two years ago Brooke McCoy had it all. A successful writing career, a gorgeous fiancé and a beautiful New York penthouse apartment that overlooked Central Park. She was on top of the world. But that all came crashing down when she received a phone call that changed her life forever. 
After losing her fiancé Jake to an aneurysm, Brooke was still struggling with moving on. The overwhelming feeling of emptiness only growing bigger with her still living in the home she once shared with Jake. Ready to start afresh, Brooke decides to move to Seattle away from the only family she has left for a change of scenery, hoping this will be the change she needs to finally let go of her past and start living again.
Brian Gamble is a cocky, womanizing cop from Seattle. After being burned by love once before, Brian now enjoys the sweeter things in life like blondes, redheads, and brunettes. Winning them over with his jaw droopingly good looks and charm, only to leave them in the wind the moment the condom hits the trash. But as much as he tries to deny it he wants more, and all the women in the world can’t fill the void that his ex left in his heart. 
But one fateful night Brooke and Brian’s worlds collide, sparking a hot game of cat and mouse leading them to question their theories on love. Can two people broken by love, find happiness again? And what happens when love becomes the ultimate gamble




I was extremely lucky and  won a  copy of this book from the Author M Andrews.  And I am so happy that I got to read this straight away! 

 Brooke  has been a broken woman since she lost her fiancé.  On a whim she decides she can’t face living with the daily reminders in New York  so she moves to Seattle.  This is a good thing until a run in with the new neighbour from hell.

 Brian had his heartbroken by his first love.  Now he takes what he wants from women. Usually just their body.  That is until his new neighbour pays him a late  night visit. Unfortunately for Brian this visit ends in a slap on the face. Not what he’s used to.


One of the many things I liked about this story was that even though Brooke is struggling after losing her fiancé, she actually wants to move on.  Usually writers make a huge thing of the heroine refusing to move  on and I find it so frustrating!  Yes,  she has guilt and doubts but its lovely to read something that isn’t just angst.

I love  the relationship between these two.  They  are  so cute and playful together. They have their moments of insecurity but again, it doesn’t drown out the other feelings in the book.  It’s great to see how they grow together as a couple.

 The sex scenes are so hot they practically melted my kindle and what made them so hot was that both Brian and Brooke are not afraid to get what they want from it.  All to often I read alpha males that dominate and dictate in the bedroom and the woman is taken along for the ride. This was refreshing because Brook had no problems initiating some of the hottest bits of the book.


All in a lovely read and a fantastic debut from this author and I’m definitely excited to read book 2. I’m pretty sure Andrews is now a definite one-click author for me

5* read!



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