Review: Always. Randa Lynn



I set out for a small town in order to find myself. What I never expected was to find the one thing I always needed- Wes Taylor. He obliterated every wall surrounding my battered heart. The only problem? The darkness I had left behind followed me, once again taking hold of my life.
For four years I’ve raised my daughter, Ellison, on my own. I wasn’t looking to have my world tilted on its axis, but the day Lenni Blackmon came to Fredricks it did just that. The only problem? She was too afraid of her past to look forward to a future



I was sent an ARC of this book by the author,  Randa Lynn and I’ll be honest and say I knew nothing about it before I started it. By the end of the first few pages I was hooked.  This a beautiful story with characters that you will absolutely fall in love with.

 Wes is everything you want from a book boyfriend.  He is a sexy as heck single dad whos main focus is his daughter, Ellison.  He has been her only parent since his wife walked out on them when Ellison was a tiny baby.

 Lenni is trying to put herself back together following the end of an abusive relationship.  She needs to get away from the pitying stares of people who think she has been dumped by her fiancé.

When these two meet the sparks fly immediately. Lenni helps out Elli when she gets hurt and gets her back to Wes. The more time they spend together the more the attraction grows. This isn’t an Insta love epic love story.  Its a slow burn, realistic tale of two people that need to learn how to be what the other needs.

 These two have so many obstacles to overcome.  I don’t want to give  away any of the story so I wont go into details!

 This book is so well written! Its difficult to believe this is Randa Lynns debut novel.   The story is well paced. Its not an rush through the story.    Did I kinda guess where the story line was going?  Yes,  BUT how the author takes is there is what matters. You will love every minute of the journey Lynn takes you on.

 I am so excited to see what comes next from this author!


5 star must read! One of my top reads of 2015 so far!




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