Review: Still Water. Am Johnson

Release date: October 13th 2015.                     


Synopsis: After being rejected by his childhood best friend, Todd Dixon turns his back on love and all its false promises. Three years later, he’s living in a new city, making a name for himself with his bar, record label, and one night stands. 

Lily Spring knows nothing but the music that flows through her veins, but after one night of betrayal that ended in tragedy, her entire life falls from under her right along with her musical dreams. Now, she finds herself living in a new state with a sister she barely knows and a dream that she MUST fulfill. 

He’s everything she doesn’t need. 

Stubborn as hell, sexy as sin, with a reputation as wicked as his body. To make things worse, he’s her new boss and the ticket to what she’s always wanted. 
When two fates collide and passions burn high, will the fire die or will it simmer into a slow burn becoming much more than either of them thought possible
This isn’t just a love story. 
This is a story of hope, repentance and second chances. 
Are you ready? 

This damn girl blew into my bar, into my life, knocking everything over like a fucking tornado. Her voice, her eyes, her smart mouth, all of it. I didn’t know if I was coming or going. I just wanted some part of her, and I didn’t care how much.

Todd F’n Dixon. Where do I start? When I read the first book in this series (Still Life) I was not a fan of Todd. AT ALL. I thought he was childish and irritating. Boy has Todd grown the heck up! He is a beautiful, slightly broken man. I wanted to reach into this book and grab him tight. All he wants is to be loved. Specifically by his best friend Liz. Since she has married someone else, Todd has given up on love. He believes he destroys everything he touches.

Lily Spring is carrying a shed load of guilt. Fresh out of a disastrous relationship and reeling from her dads death she sets out to live the dreams he held for her.
She knows she wants Todd from the minute she sees him but can they make their way through each others defences?

I did not expect this book to go the way it went, and that is so refreshing.  It’s not often I can read a book and not be able to guess what each twist and turn will be. Todd is not the character I expected at all.  I kept expecting him to make the wrong decisions or do something to frustrate me. That never happened.

Fans of Sawyer will will be happy to know he and Liz are back in this book too!

You can really see how much AM Johnson has grown as a writer since her debut novel. This book just flows beautifully. It started out so well I don’t want to put it down. I read this in one sitting.

Lots of passion, lots of emotions and a few lighter moments make this book a must read. Added bonus to this book is that we get lots of Seth and Tiffany. Setting things up nicely for book 3.

Its almost impossible to review this book without giving away the best bits so ill say is READ THIS BOOK!!

I was already a fan of this author but now she is most definitely a one click Author for me.


Definitely one of my top ten releases this year.


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