Review: Addicted to Sin. Monica James

Release Date: October 8th 2015.


“I may be certified in solving other people’s problems, though not mine— I know I’m a lost cause. I’m an asshole, and each day I’m losing sight of who I am, and who I once was.”

This is not your average Romance! 

And Dixon Matthews is certainly not your average book hero. He is a psychiatrist who specialises in Addiction. He just so happens to have an Addiction of his own. He is a sex addict.

Dr Matthews is a manwhore. Since his fiancée left him for his best friend he refuses to open up to any woman, ever again. Why would he when he can, and does, get sex anytime, anywhere.  That is until he meets Madison. Beautiful, young and innocent Madison. Oh and he also meets Juliet. Messed up Sex addict who just so happens to be his patient, not that being his patient is an issue for Dixon. Who will he choose? 

This book had been twisted up in knots from the very beginning. Monica James has managed to write a man that I equally love and hate. There were times I wanted to physically hurt Dixon. Some of the choices he makes are so frustrating! and then he would do the most romantic things. And he speaks Italian! who can hate that? 

Without giving anything away I’ll just say this isn’t a typical love triangle as much as it sounds that way. Its something else entirely! 

Fantastic bits of humour, Dixon’s relationship with his friends is brilliant, and smoking hot sex scenes. I even cried at some parts.  This book quite literally has it all. 

This book is part of a new series so it ends on a cliffhanger.

This a definite must read.



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