Review:Love Burns Mandi Beck


‘Nothing can kill a mood faster than having your cock in some chick’s mouth when the woman you love is calling’

How could I do a review of love Burns without giving special mention to Love Hurts?

Deacon has known he has been in love with Frankie forever. He also knows he isn’t ready to give her what she deserves yet. That is until he is faced with losing her. Is Frankie willing to take a chance on Deacon?

I will admit when I first saw this book I avoided it.  Another MMA fighter/manwhore falls in love with his best friend yada yada yada, right?  Nope! Deacon is in another league. He’s got a filthy mouth, he’s possessive and Alpha as all hell. Now, Frankie is a bit of a different story. As much as I wanted to love her it was pretty difficult. I couldn’t understand why she did some of the things she did. It’s a good job Deacon more than makes up for her lack of character at times.

This book ends on a cliffhanger Love Burns (book 2) is out now.

Love Burns. Caged Love book 2.


‘I’d die for him. He went to War for me. Now it’s my turn. He’s my man and I love him’

To say I was excited for this book is an understatement and a half! Deacon and Frankie are back and this time its more than just her ex that stands in their way. Frankie is done running away from her feelings, she’s ready to fight. Will it be enough this time?

Deacon is weeks away from the biggest fight of his career. Does he have enough in him to fight for the girl too?

Picking up right where book one ends, Frankie finds out everything she thought she knew may not be true. How will she cope when simply loving Deacon isn’t enough.

What I loved about this book was Frankies character development. It was so good to see her finally woman up and decide what her feelings really are. This is what I felt was slightly lacking in Love Hurts. Don’t get me wrong, she still has her struggles but this time she knows what the end goal is. Deacon Love.

Mandi Beck has managed to something so many other  authors fail with.  She has written a sequel that is probably better than the original. The sex scenes are hotter, Deacon is just MORE. Throw in  great comedy moments and some real tearjerking bits, that to be honest I didnt expect. The dialogue between the characters is perfect. You will want these people as your friends, especially Indie. She has some perfect one liners.

This an absolute must read series. Please, oneclick right now. All I hope is that mandi is quick in releasing the next book in this series. I for one, can’t wait for it!

‘I’m going to wife the fuck out of her. She just doesn’t know it yet’

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